Sleep apnea and its relationship with weight control

In the previous discussions, we presented some tips about sleep and its relationship with weight. In this topic, we intend to introduce you to sleep apnea and how it is related to weight gain or loss.

A person who suffers from severe breathing interruptions during sleep (sleep apnea) will experience large changes in energy and food intake patterns. This means that the person supplies the lack of sufficient energy from a complete and quality sleep by increasing the amount of food he eats and receiving more food in the wake, which ultimately causes the affected person to gain weight.

Meanwhile, weight gain is one of the aggravating factors of sleep apnea  ; Therefore, a person who has severe respiratory apnea and at the same time his weight is increasing, is in a defective cycle and should refer to a specialist doctor for follow-up and treatment. It is obvious that people who are overweight and suffer from respiratory apnea can significantly reduce their weight under the supervision of a doctor and by using CPAP and BIPAP breathing devices and following a proper diet.

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